Moroccan Lively Colors

One of the main reasons why I decided to go back to Morocco was its color. The golden light at sunrise and sunset always spreads life in its cities, penetrating through narrow alleys and standing out the wonderful colors that bear each and every street furniture.

Throughout the day, the light of Morocco draws irregular traces among its alley ways, projecting uneven shades of buildings on the nearby walls of surrounding buildings, giving the impression through lines and shapes of spectres that seem to bear life.
Moroccan people like wearing colorful clothes that mix among the colorful streets creating an appealing amalgam of colors in continuous movement, which could be compared to a canvas where aquarelle seems to be dancing around.

That busy life among the streets bonded with the local’s passion of enjoying life outside, makes all the newcomers feel that the experience may be warm, pleasant and unforgettable.

Throughout these past years I have had the luck and opportunity to travel, on a continuous manner, to many corners of the world, catching sight of many different points based on personal and unforgettable experiences. In the same way, as well from some years back, a big part of my personal time I have devoted, and continue devoting, to learning, studying and admiring some the greatest photographers of the twentieth and twenty-first century, especially those who take color photographs.

As to photographic works that may have influenced and marked me the most lately, I have to point out Alex Webb, Constantine Manos, Raghubir Singh, Harry Gruyaert, Steve McCurry or Fred Herzog, from I consider that their vision of the world and portrayal of colors, an undoubtful source of inspiration that has enriched my instinct and awoken my photographic enthusiasm before each and every trip.

That’s way, once having arrived in Morocco, I looked for street scenery full of color to be photographed and put my instinct and visual memory to practice. My main aim was to capture through my camera all what I have learnt from these great masters, but with the final aim of expressing reality from my point of view, emphasizing on my own identity.