Iran beyond lies


Iran Beyond Lies

Iran is one the oldest countries in the world, where throughout history many of the most memorable and important facts of history occurred: such as Persian culture, Persian Empire, the old city of Persepolis, and of course, the Silk Route.

Visiting and taking pictures in Iran meant seeing and understanding first hand the true meaning of our current culture. Once you reach this country you tread on soil full of battles and conquers. History and culture in Iran have been enriched by many different conquering settlers who have, throughout history, have completely settled and disappeared but always leaving a permanent print which has constituted Iran as we now nowadays.

Although in the fourteenth century Islam was established as the majoritarian religion, it may be Zoroastrianism, which is the millenarian religion of the Persians since 1600 B.C. The followers of Zoroastrianism sanctify eternal fire and it the fire the element that best defines Iranians. They are strong, fighters and proud of their history. But they are as well kind, welcoming and open-minded, very different to what we are told from many sources of communication which try to damage the true image of a pacific country.

When I arrived to Iran I dreamt about historic and mostly magical characters that have passed through Iran: Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great, Gengis Kan and, of course, Marco Polo. The trading and adventurous spirit of the latest is what has really inspired me to travel around the world and it has been because of him that I travelled to Iran. Every way and every place that I have visited were part of a mystic connection with the old history of humanity.