India Makes Itself


India Makes Itself

A visit to India implies our five senses to be exposed in fascinating situations and therefore, it means that we alter our perceptions and take all our sensations to the limit. Accordingly, besides being a magnificent and unique country, travelling there means an intense and strenuous experience which may leave a deep mark on any travellers soul.

The colours, aromas or the hustle in the streets set the daily rhythm with which its people live together, whilst its culture and traditions define the true identity of their country. Going to India means going back to one the oldest civilisations with the aim to work out the meaning of humanity thus the seven main cities that are the core of hinduism symbolise the true essence of mankind.

India is a place where there is a fusion between people and religious traditions. Its busy streets, daily life and what can be perceived whilst walking through its streets make it a magical, sacred and extraordinary country.

India cannot be well understood without bearing in mind its main element: the people, as they are truly the main element. Walking through markets or alleys that seem to be mazes is completely science fiction where surrealism and the unthinkable take place. The stories where the true characters are the people, where their habits and tasks are astonishing for anyone who has the chance to contemplate them.

India Makes Itself is a work which the main aim is to capture the unique daily life, the scenes that make India the most curious place on Earth to take photographs and wander around. It is a photographic challenge for the human eye, but it is a load of opportunities where around every single corner their is a piece of its own history, with their people as the core of humanity.