Alleys of Istanbul


Alleys of Istanbul

In Istanbul you won’t only find magical mosques, romantic trips in ferries o big bazaars where one could easily get lost among colourful and aromatic stands of spices. Further than this amalgam of feelings, you may find a city hooked to its early days, ageless to changes, linked to its history and reluctant to new trends that have come imposed by globalisation, it is the city that bear a thousand faces.

The true identity of its neighbourhood is to be seen in those ares located the farthest from the city centre, where lies the authentic sprit of the community which is sheltered by Islam, the main religion in the country. It is the people who set the daily rhythm in the streets, may it be slow, no hesitation but with determination. Everyone seems to be always busy, having to be somewhere and no time to make a stop and be able to contemplate whatever surrounds them.

Istanbul is a city where you can find little fragments of history around any corner, many different backgrounds that are part of a huge puzzle which, although it may seem to be unorganised, doesn’t lack any piece. Everything that may occur has its reason and cause, seeming to be all in perfect symphony.

The neighbourhoods that may be more isolated don’t are disconnected and don’t rely on tourism. There people live in the present, without forgetting inherited traditions and somehow stuck in the past. Women quietly walking around beneath their dark niqabs, doing the daily shopping or picking their children up from school. Men devote their time to there chores and duties as well as dedicating long hours to prayers and talks at the mosques, the place where the villagers seem to gather in a clandestine way.

Precisely here in the neighbourhoods located far from the centre is where I have carried out this photographic work “Alleys of Istanbul”, trying to capture the scenes that are part of the daily live through the streets of Istanbul in its essence.