Jose Carpin was born in Madrid, Spain in 1982. Right from childhood, he has always been interested in music and creative arts. In his 20s he went to university to study Business and Administration. However, he continued exploring throughout his creative desires, and he created and played electric guitar in an experimental-rock band from Madrid for 7 years in a row, releasing two self-produced albums and touring around Spain.

In 2011 he left Spain and moved to Cape Town, South Africa to work. From then on, he felt in love with photography and decided to buy his first camera and to become a photographer.
Since then, He has been travelling and exploring the world, looking for the most iconic cultures and unexpected everyday life scenes.

His idea of photography is motivated by the effort and desire to reveal and express what his senses feel while he walks through the streets of his hometown or travelling to remote places in the world, in order to show the people the value, beauty and secrets of the world.

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