Wildlife photo hides of Spain

Actually Spain is considered one of the most bio diverse countries in Europe and one of the top 25 biodiversity places in the world. You can find beautiful nature reserves, stunning national parks, seasonal migrations of birds and unique wildlife and flora. Eco tourism is growing fast in Spain and it is being supported by other natural activities, such horse riding, hiking and trekking routes, mountaineering and climbing in mountains and peaks over 3.000 meters, canyoning, mushroom picking, wine routes and of course, bird watching.

As eco-activities are emerging fast, people are getting concerned of the importance to preserve nature. This activities are contributing to develop the eco businesses, increasing eco-tourism too. One of this eco-activities is bird watching. Actually there are some Photography hides in Spain running by companies which are very concerned to preserve our beautiful local wildlife.

Generally it’s tough to get close to birds, especially out of the cities, where most of the species live hidden in nature and we don’t know that they even exist. That’s why is magical to spot them, it makes you understand what beautiful and mysterious is Mother Nature. Getting close to them is tricky… but not impossible! That’s why I would recommend you to use a permanent hide to shoot pin-sharp pictures of birds. That is actually what I am doing to get nice pictures.

There is an amazing website where you can find a complete guide to all the photography hides of Spain for spotting the most important and representative raptors and mammals of Spain: Hides Fotográficos, an unique opportunity to discover an take pictures of Bearded vulture, Spanish imperial eagle, Golden eagle, Black vulture, Griffon vulture, Red kite, Black kite, Egyptian vulture, Eurasian eagle-owl or Little owl.

You can search for photo hides in Spain like Google Maps

Hides Fotográficos: link

Searching the internet for information is always the fastest way to get an extended an accurate source of valuable information. However this is not enough for me. Sometimes we don’t get network in remote places, sometimes we just want to grab and read a book in our comfy couch. That’s why I would like to recommend you to check out the following two options:

Best book: Bird Guide of Spain, Europe and Mediterranean regions

I just bought a fantastic bird guide called: Bird Guide of Spain, Europe and Mediterranean regions by Lars Svensson, an amazing and completed well-made guide of all the birds that you can spot. I bought the Spanish edition because it gets in depth into Spanish birds. If you like bird watching, this book is a must have in your wish list:

You can buy on Amazon: Link

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Best mobile app: Guía de las aves e itinerarios ornitológicos de España

In addition, SEO/Birdlife of Spain has released a free app called: “Guía de las aves e itinerarios ornitológicos de España” (Bird guide and ornithological itineraries of Spain). This is the mobile app to spot, observe, study, and recognize the Spanish birds.

You can download it here: Link

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