Raptors photo hide


Taking pictures of raptors and scavengers is an amazing experience. They are majestic, elegant and some of them are beautiful birds. Today I woke up earlier. I was picked up at 7AM, at dusk. Outside was chilly, gloomy and foggy. While I was getting ready inside the photo hide, Juan, responsible of Vultour, was placing carrion in visible places. The hide’s crystal spy was getting misted by my breathing. As soon as he left me alone nothing happened. However, 100 meters away from me, I saw something, then I realized that I wasn’t alone. There were pine trees full of Common ravens and some Red kites alighted waiting for their breakfast, it was the quiet before the storm.

Juan Vultour’s owner inside the raptors hide

Hide de carroñeras
Corvids are one of the smartest animals in the world. Common raven is probably the smartest specie of the corvidae family and one of the smartest animals in the world. Ravens took a very cautious approach and started to get closer to the carrion, analyzing all the places were carrion was left and studying the scenario. These strategic movements started making nervous the Red kites. Suddenly a Common buzzard came down and crossed the field soaring and took into its talons a piece of carrion. After this, the battle started: Ravens and Red kites started fighting for the biggest pieces of rotten meat. Red kites exercise control over ravens, looked like the fight had its winners.

However, big shadows appeared out of the blue obscuring the ground. I looked up and felt shaking my bones. A big venue of vultures were flying in circles, getting closer and coming down. It was absolutely amazing, they were Griffon vultures. As soon as they landed, the rest of birds were chased out by them until the carrion was gone.

Definitely it was an incredible experience that I will repeat sooner or later, but I will.

Equipment used for this photo hide session: Fujifilm XT-1 + Fujinon XF100-400mm

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Some of the pictures taken:

Red kite flying 


Red kite looking for prey


Red kite landing


Red kite eating a prey 


Common buzzard eating too


Common buzzard 


Red kite


Common raven


Griffon vulture


Griffon vultures


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