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If you are interested in spotting and have fun with little passerine birds from the forest, discover hidden birds in a little lagoon, track wild raptors flying or just eating carrion , then I suggest you Vultour photo hides. They offer shooting days in 8 different photo hides, all located in Cantalejo, a small town in the Segovian province, Spain. Their network of photography hides focus on some of Spanish’s most celebrated birds, are positioned for nice lighting, viewpoint, and perfect backgrounds to have a wonderful photo hide session with extraordinary results.

Right now is the end of winter, probably the best season to spot small little passerines from the forest. They lack food but come with confidence to the feeding and drinking troughs. Raptors are different, now they are in between seasons, it means that some raptors are migrating and some of them are just arriving, like the Black kite or the Egyptian vulture, so it is always better to get informed of migrations before trying to spot them. But don’t panic! Most of them are local raptors, they will be there always waiting for you.

Hide del pinar. Invierno



Today I went to the forest photo hide to take pictures of the little ones. The session started around 8:30AM. I was picked up 20 minutes before departure. They drove me in a 4×4 through the forest until the hide. They warned me of the possibility to spot up to 10 different species, what I didn’t know is that I would get to see 12 different species! While I was preparing my equipment and getting comfy inside the hide, a confident Blue tit welcomed me while it was coming down to the troughs.

As soon as I close the hide’s door and turned on the camera, the party started. I didn’t regulated the ISO and Speed shutters yet, and the troughs were being already visited and invaded by a bunch of Blue tits, Great tit, Coal tit and Crested tit. They were jumping and moving around pretty fast, coming down and flying away quickly. I’ve never seen so many different species of birds sharing troughs in order and peace in peace and harmony until a Common blackbird and Hawfinches arrived. Hawfinch is bigger than the others and pretty beautiful too. They eat first, they chase out smaller birds and sometimes they bully them too.

The subtlety of Greenfinch and Nuthatch was prominent, they went unnoticed for Hawfinches and even for me. Same for Brambling and Common chaffinches, they came down smartly and unperceived. The day’s highlight was the presence of a couple of Great spotted woodpeckers.

Equipment used for this photo hide session: Nikon D3200 + Tamron 150-600mm

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Eurasian blue tit

Herrerillo común - Eurasian blue tit

Common chaffinch

Pinzón vulgar - Common chaffinch


Pinzón real - Brambling

European robin

Petirrojo europeo - European robin

Coal tit

Carbonero garrapinos - Coal tit

European greenfinch

Verderón común - European greenfinch


Picogordo - Hawfinch

Great spotted woodpecker

Pico picapinos - Great spotted woodpecker

Great tit

Carbonero común - Great tit

European crested tit

Herrerillo capuchino European crested tit

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