Exploring Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand with the Fujifilm X-T2


I will never forget 2016. When I look back, I always feel proud about my life choices, but sometimes I feel deeply melancholic too. Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to India and Nepal, which are two of the most interesting and iconic countries for documentary photography.

There I learnt fascinating things about their cultures, religions, gastronomies, and of course, the local people, who have inspired me the most.

Firstly I felt how big the culture-gap between The Hinduism countries and the Western world is. And that is exactly the main reason which attracted me and took me there.

In this way, some old questions continue popping up in my head: “Where should I go to discover something different and unique?” Countries like Iran, Oman, Jordan, Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Cameroon or Senegal attract me a lot and they are on my traveling wish list. In fact, this is my starting point before planning my next adventure and travel somewhere out of Spain again.
My personal motivation are still the same: travel and photography. I love to learn and follow the same steps like Pieter Hugo, Steve McCurry, Sebastião Salgado, Jean Gaumy, Réhahn or Lynsey Addario. The attraction of capturing unique people looks or showing the essence of the everyday life of the humanity is, doubtlessly, the core of my photography style.

Why do they live like this? What are they thinking while I am talking to them? Do they have the same life goals as me? Do they see and feel the life like I do? Perhaps those little questions sound silly, but coming from a different part of the world, they could mean and suppose a huge difference in terms of life perception, and in fact, it happens.


Finally I am ready to travel again. I don’t have to dream about where will my next trip take me because my decision has been already made: I am going to visit Indochina, specifically Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Of all of them, the one that interests me the most is Myanmar. I had been hearing amazing stories about Myanmar, moreover I have seen part of the country through Steve McCurry’s photographs, who has revealed me some hidden secrets of its culture and people before going there myself. After all of these things, I couldn’t wait anymore.

I have several photographic projects in my mind right now and a lot of ideas that I want to carry out in the following months. But not a single personal project can be as amazing as taking documentary and street photography in a faraway country. In fact, it is beyond any kind of dream; it is always the most awaited moment of the year: to explore and photograph the unknown.


Backpacking is the best way of traveling if you are looking for a real experience in any country. It is a big culture-slap in the face, a punch straight to your fears, a window to the reality, and of course, an open book ready to be written by timeless memories. This way of traveling is intense, unforgettable but really tiring and exhausted.

The way of traveling through these countries require a light backpack and of course, a light equipment. That is the reason why, once again, I decided to pick up only two lenses before hitting the road: Fujifilm XF16mm f1.4 R WR and the Fujifilm XF35mm f1.4 R. These two beasts combine perfectly with the Fujifilm XT-2, which are the perfect option to cover documentary photography.


All pictures below have been taking between August and September 2017 in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand by Jose Carpin Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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  1. Moses Friedline

    Amazing work!


    Transmites no sólo con tus fotos sino también con tus palabras. ❤

    • Gracias pequeñita! es un honor que me sigas y me escriba cosas así. Muaaak!!!!!!

  3. Angel Ruiz Migens

    Que maravilla de trabajo fotográfico. felicidades.

    • Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario Ángel. ¿Tu también eres fotógrafo? ¿Has estado alguna vez por los países que conforman Indochina? Saludos.

      Jose Carpin

  4. Antonio

    Felicidades, son unas fotos maravillosas.
    ¿Qué objetivo me recomendarías para un trekking en el himalaya?

    una maravilla, repito.

    • Para los Himlayas te recomendaría el Fuji XF16mm f1.4… una joya de objetivo y perfecto para captar grandes paisajes

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