About me

Jose Carpin (Madrid, 1982)

I started photography in 2011, as I left Madrid (Spain) and moved to Cape Town (South Africa) to work. I spent the next three years living, traveling and exploring the southern countries of Africa: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Lesotho and South Africa. Doubtlessly Africa left an unforgettable mark on me, changing my way of feeling and facing life.

The connection and passion with Africa was so intense that, shortly after moving there, I wanted to capture the fascinating universe that was surrounding me. This strong feelings helped me to get started in the art of photography, which has inspired me to understand, respect and preserve mother nature and other cultures.

I move back to Spain in August 2014 after living abroad. Since then I began to take photography more seriously. In this way I have never stopped learning and doing photography.

I’m actually very interested in portrait, documentary and street photography. Therefore I’ve been backpacking Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Nepal the last couple of years, where I’ve had the opportunity to develop my photography skills within these fields. Beside this, I am still very interested in nature photography, but I want to continue developing my skills and learning from the most iconic portrait, documentary and street photographers.

My photographic style is motivated by the effort and desire to reveal and express what my senses feel while I am contemplating the nature, I am interacting with people from other cultures or I am walking on the street, in order to show and explain to the people the value, beauty and secrets of the world. I am not following composition rules or guidelines, I am just trying to do what I feel at any given time.